Nothing but the blood for me sheet music

An easy piano solo arranged by Mary McCayne geared towards the child pianist. Oct 17, 2009 · Nothing but the blood of Jesus /E / C#m/ What can make me whole again? / A E / B E / Nothing but the blood of Jesus Inter:/ E / E / - Repeat Chorus to Bridge Bridge: /E / C#m / Oh, precious is the flow / B9 / B9 / That makes me white as snow /E / C#m / No other fount I know / A E / B E / Nothing but the blood of Jesus Repeat 2x Coda: / A E / B ... Nothing But The Blood; Song ID: 1017: Author: Matt Redman: Key: A: Speed: Medium: Supplement: 39: Volume: G: CCLI: 4329411: Description: The chorus picks up the words of the old hymn with the same name. The result is a powerful contemporary song about the cleansing power of the blood. The meditative verses are strongly contrasted by the proclamation and excitement of the chorus. The sound of a church singing has preceded almost every great revival in church history. The church is God’s witness and representative on earth.