Multinational cost of capital and capital structure ppt

Dec 21, 2018 · Cost structure refers to the types and relative proportions of fixed and variable costs that a business incurs. The concept can be defined in smaller units, such as by product, service, product line , customer , division, or geographic region. Move capital to where it is “needed” . . . “Orthodox” or Neoliberals tend to downplay MNCs per se . . . Focus on markets rather then corporate structures E.g. Many question the relevance of corporate nationality (Kenichi Ohmae and Robert Reich) International economic cooperation should aim to help Multinational Cost of Capital & Capital Structure Multinational Cost of Capital & Capital Structure 14 14 17 17 Chapter Chapter Subscribe to view the full document. Chapter Objectives • To explain how corporate and country characteristics influence an MNC’s cost of capital; • To explain how corporate and country characteristics are ... Capital Structure. Capital structure is the proportion of all types of capital viz. equity, debt, preference etc. It is synonymously used as financial leverage or financing mix. Capital structure is also referred to as the degree of debts in the financing or capital of a business firm. You may like watching Video PPT of the content. Group Business Plan Presentation Executive summary – strategic priorities Strategic review completed – clear roadmap to deliver on 2018 actions Market strategy & positioning Group structure & management Transformation & cost reduction Contract review Disposals assumed Disposals under review Core business units and markets defined